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Re: Of the space between clams as gnats rise into the breeze, swarming to the pickle-juice smell...

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    In a message dated 3/25/01 5:28:25 AM, existlist@yahoogroups.com writes:
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      In a message dated 3/25/01 5:28:25 AM, existlist@yahoogroups.com writes:

      << it is just not that we are not get anywhere in this side issue of colors
      and clams and whatnot >>

      It is not a side issue. You are looking for a proof, or an order. To
      establish that, you need to determine how to establish 'facts' within that
      order. The point of blue and red clams is that you can't tell me how many of
      either color would create a fact about their existence (red, or blue, or
      both). I don't know when 'fact' is established. Without the ability to
      establish 'fact,' you are creating an instance where your whimsical
      preference establishes 'fact.' Anything I opine is worthless. No one else can
      have part in that conversation. You can keep having it, but no one can be a

      The discussion of clams will help me establish under which conditions you
      accept even the simplest order as valid within your philosophy. By entity
      (should there be one), if you can't decide something as simple as the color
      of a clam, how can you determine spirit, community, and 'natural tendency'?
      You are providing no basis for the discussion to move forward. Except your
      radical declarations, which I think anyone participating would need to accept
      as well.

      Clams, if you haven't noticed, are a device, an object, and an attempt to
      simplify the discussion. They could be anything...pick some object that you
      prefer if you find you don't like the odour.

      If all you are saying is that generally people strive to do something...I
      don't know that I disagree. However, 'generally' and 'all' are different
      things. And 'something' can vary. All this establishes is a vague
      nothing...and that cannot be generally or radically applied with success.
      Name any 'thinker' you would like and their preference, and that does not
      establish the idea or their preference as good or bad. I don't worship them,
      and their perspective cannot establish 'fact' for me. However, in
      understanding their perspective on clams, I could understand their
      argument...though I might not believe it. Expecting others to believe your
      perspective without that is rather divine, isn't it? Perhaps your philosophy
      is something else entirely.

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