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RE: [existlist] Re: humans again

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  • eduard
    Message 1 of 281 , Nov 2, 2002

      <<< I understand it completely, well not
      completely or then Ill be in
      nirvana, but u know what I mean haha. Its like,
      as I said, a
      dreamless sleep, or when ur zoning out. Well I
      guess this isnt it,
      this is my own idea of pure-consciousness. They
      intend that in the
      Buddha state that u can be aware of everything as
      being a part of u,
      but see the qualities in each thing. I read a
      part today that when
      someone attacks u that u shouldnt fight back, or
      even struggle cause
      ull be struggling against or fighting against
      urself. But I could
      be misreading it cause I didnt read it all. I
      find this
      impossible. However, its sort of like me saying
      that every meaning
      we choose is the same. Neither one is good nor
      bad, but simply is.
      But thats neither here nor there. >>>

      I should think that there is good and bad ... and
      here and there. The simplest solution is always
      the best ....

    • Mary Jo
      the other paper . . .
      Message 281 of 281 , Dec 28, 2004
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