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Re: [existlist] Re: Marking the territory like a dog having his day...

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  • Edward Alf
    Richard et all, im not trying to impose a direction for discussion ... it is just not that we are not get anywhere in this side issue of colors and clams and
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 24, 2001
      Richard et all,

      im not trying to impose a direction for discussion ... it is just not that
      we are not get anywhere in this side issue of colors and clams and whatnot
      ... instead of concentrating on philosophy which is the subject of this
      group, we are burdened down with trying to define whether or not we know a
      particular color ...

      anyway, if i interpret Chris correctly existentialism comes down to free
      will and ones own experiences ... that if, you accept you are on your own in
      life, there is no outside control, then you are free to challenge norms ...
      this indeed will lead a person to angst and dispair ... for free will of
      itself does not provide anything unless you have a map and objective to
      follow ... i think that the point of Viktor Frankl was not that one would
      simply have free will, but also a belief or focus ... it was a belief and
      the awareness of free will which enabled survival ... it does not matter
      what the belief is as long as it is successful in its purpose ...

      it seems to me that existentialism is simply rationalism ... which is not to
      trivialize it, rationalism has its advantages ... but rationalism alone does
      not lend itself to survival ... so the question is, what sorts of belief
      systems might be coupled with existentialism in todays world ... i realise
      that Sartre was an atheist, but then he was also French which has a lot of
      particular support structures within the culture ... what im looking for is
      a comment on what one would see as an irrational complement to
      existentialism ...


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      > << but we are getting too far off the mark as to the discussion ... >>
      > I didn't realize the discussion was governed by your preference for
      > what direction it should move in...excuse my continued ignorance of
      > the rules. I can't seem to find them.
      > <<... if you would accept my first thought that the brain at least has
      > an inclination towards ... order>>
      > Of course it seems to. You establish order internally, however, and
      > not for everyone else...unless you are pretending to lead. Your
      > inclination might be a complete deception of rules which accidentally
      > explain the reality...and so what does it prove? It doesn't prove
      > there is a spirituality...and doesn't disprove autism or schizophrenia
      > -- or disprove that autistic or schizophrenic behavior is a valid and
      > chosen mental state. In these states, there may be a decided lack of
      > sense that there is a unity or connection to others. oops, another
      > blue clam. But wait, there aren't enough of them on the beach, are
      > there...and you, by choice, can keep walking by them as if they didn't
      > exist. In fact, by choice, if there were a beach full of blue clams
      > and you desired for there to be only red ones, you could imagine a red
      > one and ignore every blue clam in plain sight...and there your beach
      > would be all red clams...
      > <<does one need a specific focus, or can this be done simply by route
      > ... i would suspect that one needs a specific focus ....>>
      > You can order in any way you please. Regulating focus is like saying
      > what is acceptable. In the long run, it comes down to your perception
      > of what is acceptable, and not a communal preference. And if it is the
      > latter, this may just be the wrong discussion.
      > For example, I could order by bottle cap, clam color, or pathetic
      > fear, and in any case, I couldn't be proven completely wrong. But I'll
      > be darned if it makes me any more correct -- as it might just be
      > nonsense masquerading as a contemplated point of view.
      > I can't swallow your assumption as it is a square peg, and my throat
      > is a round hole...and as any clam, blue or red, I feel more like
      > spitting tha
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