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RE: [existlist] Re: humans again

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  • eduard
    Message 1 of 281 , Oct 31, 2002

      <<< I know exactly what ur saying. Im saying that
      it cant be known. Its beyond human understanding.
      Therefore, will never be known. In the state of
      oneness, an individual object isnt apparent. Its
      all one. Its like if there is one pencil in the
      world and theres nothing to write on. The pencil
      loses all meaning. Im not sure how one can know
      if something has meaning in an object. I would
      like an explanation for that because I think that
      its impossible to know. Its like saying that God
      exists. Wheres the proof? Or is it just
      speculation? >>>

      If in a state of oneness ... like a tree that
      disappears into the forest ... yes, an individual
      object isn't apparent. But then the forest itself
      is apparent. My viewpoint is that you could
      extend this to the fullness of the universe and
      seek to apply a meaning. I believe that the
      "oneness" can be know, if you are open to it. When
      a child is born, it initially does not
      differentiate itself from the outside world. But
      in growing up we slowly begin to realise our
      separation from the world and this is the
      beginning of an ego. In some ways an ego is of
      benefit, yet in other ways it is not. As you
      progress on your path in life, the objective is to
      shed your ego. That is what Jesus says in the New
      Testament, "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be
      converted, and become as little children, ye shall
      not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

      With respect to the example of the pencil with
      nothing to write on, I agree that it may cease to
      have the meaning of a pencil. But that is the
      result of humans applying labels [as you have
      said]. The meaning of a thing is its purpose, its
      role in the world. If the pencil has nothing to
      write on, then perhaps its meaning is to serve as
      a door stop, or perhaps to serve as a miniature
      flag pole. You could think of this example in
      another fashion. There is a forest fire and
      branches are turned to charcoal by the heat.
      While in the forest, it serves a role of returning
      minerals back to the soil so as to help the growth
      of new plants. But if picked up by a caveman, he
      may realise that he can draw on the cave wall with
      the branch. Voila, we have a new meaning for the
      branch in the form of the first pencil.

      As to proof of God's existence, that would
      difficult. God is a fantasy as much as is Santa
      Claus. The only way you can do it, is to dream up
      some fantasy proof ... whatever floats your boat.

    • Mary Jo
      the other paper . . .
      Message 281 of 281 , Dec 28 7:23 PM
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