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RE: [existlist] Re: good and bad

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  • eduard
    Brian, I did not disagree with this point.
    Message 1 of 281 , Oct 31, 2002
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      <<< So yu cant understand the whole while just
      looking at the atom, thats what Im trying to get
      at. >>>

      I did not disagree with this point.

      <<< It doesnt work that way. Consciousness shifts
      so u have to go along with how it is focussed on.

      I did not say that I would dispute "oneness". I
      said that I would dispute the contention that
      access to the oneness is impossible. I am not an
      expert on Zen Buddhism. But my understanding of
      it is that the "nothingness" is not an absence of
      things. It is an awareness of the whole and this
      awareness is without focus. I would suggest that
      the "oneness" is possible to experience by the
      average person, if they are prepared to release
      themselves from their ego. I believe there are
      times when I do experience the oneness ... it
      happens particularly when I am on my walks in the
      country and am able to draw together all within my
      field of view ... the field, the trees, the river,

      <<< Meaning isnt existence. Meaning is being able
      to tell the difference between obejcts to label it
      such a meaning. How can one give meaning to
      nothingess. Everything is one. This is why I see
      the contradiction of God creating obejcts. How
      could he create obejcts if hes everything. He
      cant think. Therefore, cant create. Hes not free
      since hes everything. Therefore, cant give
      freewill. >>>

      I agree that it amounts to applying a "label" to
      something. But this is only is only an assumption
      on the part of the person who has consciousness
      and is able to conceive of labels. Perhaps we may
      be able to apply the right label, perhaps not.
      But just being able to apply a label, does not
      imply that the object does not have a meaning
      until the moment that you do the applying.

      As to God ... well ... that depends upon your
      belief system. I would suggest, however, that,
      just because God is everything, does not mean that
      he is incapable of creating or even of thinking.
      My own view is that God is a fantasy which is
      developed by humans for their own purpose.

    • Mary Jo
      the other paper . . .
      Message 281 of 281 , Dec 28, 2004
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