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Re: [existlist] spiritual explanations!

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  • Edward Alf
    hi all, according to the internet, existentialism is defined as; The doctrine that among sentient beings, especially humanity, existence takes precedence
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 21, 2001
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      hi all,

      according to the internet, "existentialism" is defined as;

      The doctrine that among sentient beings, especially humanity,
      existence takes precedence over essence and holding that man is totally
      and responsible for his acts.
      This responsibility is the source of dread and anguish that encompass

      i think the weakness in this is that it implies the freedom and
      responsibility of an "individual" ... and perhaps that is the weakness of
      the present generation ... we look at the world as individuals whereas we
      are really part of a society ... of mankind ... (or is that personkind?) ...
      we are tuned to our egos and on this basis it is true that "The mass of men
      (persons) lead lives of quiet desperation" ... but this ignores the fact
      that we are connected to humans in general ...

      when you see a school of fish, you see hundreds of individuals, but they
      swim in unison as if they had some means of unseen communication ... as
      humans, we have the same connectiveness, but we fallen victim to the western
      politic of the individual ... there is no reason why we should look upon our
      responsibility as a source of dread and anguish ...

      i need to do more study on this .. im at a disadvantage as my reading has
      been in other areas ...

      however, i find equally difficult the idea that there is a "uniqueness and
      isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent
      universe", and that "human existence as unexplainable" ... it does not take
      much to see that there is a specific meaning to our existence ... it is
      perhaps not something that we wish to hear ... our purpose and meaning is no
      different from that other species ... to propagate ourselves and ensure our
      survival ... it is not a sexy purpose or something mysterious that we can
      find at some seance or within a religion, but it is there non-the-less ...


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      > Hi Eduard,
      > I strictly agree with you that a simple word can have different meanings
      > each individual. As you said, words have various meanings on different
      > levels. Therefore I guess it would be something nice for those who are
      > willing to discuss something firstly define the concepts as explicitly as
      > they can. And they should even try to define in which level they are going
      > to discuss.
      > But in addition, I believe that for an absolute sceptic, there is no
      > for people to communicate. I am not an absolute sceptic and I believe that
      > we can understand our ideas and concepts (not absolutely maybe).
      > First of all as far as I understand, you define "spirituality" as an
      > animating force.And I felt that your spirutuality is your belief that
      > mankind will progress to the stars, and this belief for individuals may
      > offer a spirituality without god.
      > Inshort, I understand that for you any purpose that one finds in life,
      > (which might be an animating force for people), is a kind of spirituality
      > which doesn't necessitate god. And the purpose for you is the progress of
      > mankind to the stars. And this is some other version of spirituality.
      > Here you also said that any act of social benefit accomplishes this
      > function. And you gave a role also to the existentialism in this social
      > progress (by putting the choices made by individuals inside a social
      > context)
      > Please don't see me as a wiseacre since I am trying to analyze your idea,
      > am just trying to understand your point of view, and if I am wrong in
      > anywhere please correct.
      > So, If I understand you in the right sense, there are some main points
      > I am not thinking similar to you. I hope you correct the things I wrote
      > whereever you find necessary, then I can express my ideas in a healtier
      > Onur
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