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9720Re: neurons and optical illusions

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  • mrnavigator10
    Oct 8, 2002
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      HI Eduard

      Yes your correct it is the Civil Aviation Authority. Im therefore
      martian ..lol

      The 3d construct stuff still intrigues me and actually I remeber
      reading about this some years ago in a book by Rupert Sheldrake, the
      rebel biochemist. He's now the science correspondent for the times
      of the Gaurdian after some years of ''exile''. I will research the
      detail for you, if you are interested, as he did present some
      alternate views to the nature of perception.

      Interesting point;I have clear recall of not hearing the doppler
      effect until I had been told repetatively told it did exist and
      ofcourse made wrong for not going into the mass agreement on the
      nature of reality.

      I write music as a hobby and frequently experiment with psycho
      aucostics which in a similar manner borders on the areas of trained
      response. On an A / B Treated and Untreated sound comparison, the
      listener quite ( 60-70 % of the time) often cannot tell any audible
      difference during blind comparison which is greater than chance.

      Yet when told about or obliquely pick up some inference that a
      namless treatment has been applied the actual perception shift is
      towards accurately identifying the treated sound..which incidently
      in general magically becomes subjectively more ''attractive''.

      Funny thing is it only really works in this way when the acoustic
      treatment is applied below the threshold of perception of the
      engineer who mastered the particular program material. IE he turns
      the effector up it up so that it is just perceptable and then
      reduces the level...weird.

      On a tangent if we take the topic inward and look at our own
      internal mental synthesised or recalled constructs ( mental
      pictures/topographies etc etc) gain there can a sense of 3D and the
      perception of most if not all of the senses in those constructs.
      This aspect probabely varies from individual to individual and may
      be infinitely variable. The aspect of this area which intriques me
      is the percevied location of these constructs. By this I mean the
      sense of where in space in or around my personal ocation such
      constructs appear to locate. IN my case ( and this is all I can
      reliabley comment on) I can experience a sense of spatial distance
      between what I regard as I ( the looker). SO for example if I shut
      my eyes and think of 3d dog I may have the sense that this construct
      is located outside my head in the space around my body, say a half a
      meter in front of my head. That sense of dimension is automatic and
      quite definitely perceptble to me. Im not arguing this is the
      location of the construct but wonder why such a phenomena would or
      should occur.

      Do others have such experience and more general level I wonder what
      dimenstions others have in the experience of being themsleves.
      Relatedly I have learned that some people cannot hear music or see
      colour in there heads on spontaneous basis. When I write music I
      litterally 'hear it first'' usually as a complete but I cannot
      coneive a complete poem, only fragments.

      The leads me to observation that we constanley inflow perception
      which has the potential of being stored in very exact deatil
      according to the feats of those posed of great memories.

      In the mind this data apears to be processed, evaluated and fed to
      the 'i' constantly in various forms with various degress of
      significance. 'I' therefore appears to be constanly at the end of an
      unending documentary including news channels, religous
      indoctrination, grabage and the occasional good idea. The point here
      as I see it is that the 'I' is perhapes a lazy voyeur, an MP3 player
      of reality. Im ready for an upgrade.

      LOL musing

      BEst N10

      Your work sounds interesting to me
      --- In existlist@y..., eduard <yeoman@v...> wrote:
      > N10,
      > The descriptive term, that I find most often for
      > this, is "visual intelligence". But there are
      > likely other terms.
      > I am an electrical engineer for Transport Canada.
      > I would think that your country would have a
      > similar government department that might be named
      > "Civil Aviation Authority". My work involves
      > signal lighting; specifically that of obstruction
      > lighting that serves as visual aid to pilots. At
      > times I get into things like visual acuity and
      > brain functions related to processing of visual
      > signals. I find the whole thing as utterly
      > fascinating. Of course, as an electrical
      > engineer, I tend to think in terms of systems and
      > that leads to philosophy.
      > As to sound, all of our senses are subject to
      > interpretation. Like the learned response of
      > Japanese to hear "r" and "l" as the same phonic
      > element. As to 3D, I should think that
      > interpretation of the Doppler affect is a learned
      > response.
      > eduard
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