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9718RE: [existlist] Re: neurons and optical illusions

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  • eduard
    Oct 8, 2002

      The descriptive term, that I find most often for
      this, is "visual intelligence". But there are
      likely other terms.

      I am an electrical engineer for Transport Canada.
      I would think that your country would have a
      similar government department that might be named
      "Civil Aviation Authority". My work involves
      signal lighting; specifically that of obstruction
      lighting that serves as visual aid to pilots. At
      times I get into things like visual acuity and
      brain functions related to processing of visual
      signals. I find the whole thing as utterly
      fascinating. Of course, as an electrical
      engineer, I tend to think in terms of systems and
      that leads to philosophy.

      As to sound, all of our senses are subject to
      interpretation. Like the learned response of
      Japanese to hear "r" and "l" as the same phonic
      element. As to 3D, I should think that
      interpretation of the Doppler affect is a learned

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