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9707RE: [existlist] Re: neurons and optical illusions

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  • eduard
    Oct 7, 2002
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      It is not pseudo 3D, but rather a representation
      of how our brain strives to interpret what is
      seen. There are specific rules by which these
      processes occur and which are inherent to human

      This is another website which shows what is called
      a "Necker" cube. It is somewhat similar to the
      This cube is animated so that it helps you see the

      Another site which shows a number of illusions and
      thus rules is:

      This particular slide #36 shows the Necker cube in
      the middle. The left and right images are
      referred to as Kopfermann cubes. These latter
      images appear to be flat, since specific rules of
      your brain prevent you from constructing 3D
      images. In the case of the Kopfermann cube on the
      left the rule is that lines which come to a point
      on your retina, continue to remain as forming a
      point in the interpreted image. Thus your brain
      maintains the flatness. You have to concentrate
      really hard to make a cube out of the left hand

      It is less difficult to construct a cube out of
      the right hand image, since the centre point is
      broken. But it still takes a bit of

      As I mentioned before, everything we see is simply
      a flat image that is projected on the retina. It
      is our brain which constructs the idea of
      something in 3D.

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