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9703Re: neurons and optical illusions

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  • mrnavigator10
    Oct 7 2:20 PM
      --- In existlist@y..., eduard <yeoman@v...> wrote:
      > N10,
      > I apologize, if I was a bit hard in my words.

      Forget about it I was out of order..Im fixed now
      > As to the URL ... it works for me ...
      > http://www.optillusions.com/
      > Take a look at the green and yellow cube. Your
      > brain flips it from one view to another, trying to
      > make a decision of which one to believe. The
      > other thing to consider about this cube is that it
      > is only 2 dimensional ... a flat picture ... but
      > your brain convinces you that it is 3 dimensional.

      YEs this dint flip I estimate the Blue is definitely the back left

      It is pseudo 3 d in actuality..a close enough approximation for me
      to perceive it clearly ..due to the aspect of perspective.

      > The elephant one is somewhat similar. Does the
      > elephant have 4 legs or 5??

      Has it eaten another elephat..it has fiveth elephat leg hanging
      outof its month.

      The don Quiote one is great Ive counted 28 faces so far, I return to
      complete latter....with a hand lense.

      These creations dont actually indicate much about perception or
      reality to me. For me they are what they are illusions, all be it
      illusions Im aware of as illusions. We live in a universe which
      agrees illusions exist and these have a component which knowingly or
      unknowily effect our perception.

      I suppose the danger or significane lies in illusions percieved or
      mis-percieved which are not know to be illusions.

      Consider looking at a forrest in spring. I generally see a semi blob
      of green and lots of vertical bits of wood. An illusion.

      In actuality there are millions ( or more) individual leaves and a
      finte number of visible trunks, minute motions and a symphony of
      sound and abundance of hues and so and so forth. I can experience
      this too if I switch to different operating system ( for the want of
      better words)


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