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9685Re: optical delusions

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  • Pogo Stick
    Oct 6, 2002
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      > THat might be true for you but you only speak for you<

      Whoa, Mr. Navigator! That is le 'Duard, self appointed god of the
      every-one-who-can't-really think-for-themselves-come

      He might be too drunk to understand you, and too self important
      to care if you made a point that wasn't already his. Either that, or
      first he'd have to understand what you were saying.

      If you search the phrase "i don't understand" on the list archives,
      his messages come up 90% of the time...but he just keeps
      talking. It's like a carnival fortune telling machine that broke and
      won't shut up. Only this one wastes your time for free.

      Vomit Onmy Shoes
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