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9684Re: neurons and optical illusions

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  • mrnavigator10
    Oct 6 2:58 PM
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      --- In existlist@y..., eduard <yeoman@v...> wrote:
      > Masoud,
      > If you are asking whether I believe in "souls" and
      > such things as a "4th dimension", the answer is,
      > no.


      I do not think that there is anything
      > supernatural about existence.


      We are just here,


      > like any other animal or plant or rock. Nothing
      > special or supernatural.

      What do mean nothing

      > My reason for mentioning neurons, was that
      > everything in the outside world is known to us
      > through interpretation.

      According to you and few others who dont really know

      In essence, it is our
      > neurons [meaning our brain] which creates the
      > outside world for us.

      In theory

      For example, when we look
      > at this world, it projected onto the retina of our
      > eyes as a two-dimensional picture. It is our
      > neurons which interpret this picture in order to
      > make it into the three-dimensional world that we
      > think we see.

      What do YOU mean WE think we see

      The manner in which we do this is
      > based on certain parameters that are partially
      > learned and partially genetic.


      When we become
      > confused in our interpretation, it is referred to
      > as "optical illusions".

      THat might be true for you but you only speak for you

      > You can find some interesting optical illusions
      > at:
      > http://www.optillusions.com/
      > eduard
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Masoud Borbor [mailto:masborbor@y...]
      > Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2002 9:25 AM
      > To: existlist@y...
      > Subject: [existlist] Re: The 4th dimension of
      > existence
      > Dear eduard
      > hi and thank u for response. the outside world and
      > neurons wasnt my
      > problem.. i defined the "being for my self" as my
      > insight view. cuz i
      > can see my self in when i feel it...
      > the most important was the common layer In and Out
      > me.. something in
      > and out of me something i knbow it and it knows
      > me..
      > u believe nothing but material? no matter... i
      > live taking easy!
      > good night ;)
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