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9681neurons and optical illusions

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  • eduard
    Oct 6, 2002
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      If you are asking whether I believe in "souls" and
      such things as a "4th dimension", the answer is,
      no. I do not think that there is anything
      supernatural about existence. We are just here,
      like any other animal or plant or rock. Nothing
      special or supernatural.

      My reason for mentioning neurons, was that
      everything in the outside world is known to us
      through interpretation. In essence, it is our
      neurons [meaning our brain] which creates the
      outside world for us. For example, when we look
      at this world, it projected onto the retina of our
      eyes as a two-dimensional picture. It is our
      neurons which interpret this picture in order to
      make it into the three-dimensional world that we
      think we see. The manner in which we do this is
      based on certain parameters that are partially
      learned and partially genetic. When we become
      confused in our interpretation, it is referred to
      as "optical illusions".

      You can find some interesting optical illusions


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      Dear eduard
      hi and thank u for response. the outside world and
      neurons wasnt my
      problem.. i defined the "being for my self" as my
      insight view. cuz i
      can see my self in when i feel it...
      the most important was the common layer In and Out
      me.. something in
      and out of me something i knbow it and it knows
      u believe nothing but material? no matter... i
      live taking easy!
      good night ;)
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