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9680Re: The 4th dimension of existence

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  • Masoud Borbor
    Oct 6, 2002
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      Dear eduard
      hi and thank u for response. the outside world and neurons wasnt my
      problem.. i defined the "being for my self" as my insight view. cuz i
      can see my self in when i feel it...
      the most important was the common layer In and Out me.. something in
      and out of me something i knbow it and it knows me..
      u believe nothing but material? no matter... i live taking easy!
      good night ;)
      --- In existlist@y..., eduard <yeoman@v...> wrote:
      > hi Masoud,
      > Perhaps it is just your neurons [brain] releasing
      > themselves ... as in a dream.
      > There is something similar in Egyptian mythology
      > where the "Ba" exits the tomb and flies about like
      > a little bird. But since our neurons are sealed
      > within the skull and cant "see" the outside world
      > directly, they invent the dimensional world into
      > which they visualize their escape.
      > eduard
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      > Subject: [existlist] The 4th dimension of
      > existence
      > Hi all my friends.
      > I am awake again but still wanna exist smart and
      > slow. Like a tree, a
      > river or just as the sea...
      > forget it.. I was so tired of daily journey and
      > daily university. i
      > was hanged up in a bus for 2 hours 10 pm to arrive
      > home, and then
      > falled into my bed.. so tired... and i thought
      > about my loves my
      > friends my family and all ppl around.." How much
      > alone I am..." noone
      > appreciate. I believe in God but i saw that God
      > seems to have
      > forgotten me... My only one friend who understood
      > me (The God) also
      > leaved me alone and i was like a dead body in my
      > bed "How much ALone"
      > And i swimmed! something flew in the air . It was
      > all around and i
      > felt light..no weight .. the flowing thing was
      > every place aound me "
      > In my Body, In my soul, ahead of me.. on the sky
      > on my room and our
      > city in paris coffeeshops! and on the Nile! Every
      > Galaxy had it.. and
      > it was in me..
      > I had somehow knowledge about it i knew it's me! a
      > new dimension in
      > my existence ... I counted Existence Dimensions:
      > 1-Being in itself..
      > 2- being for others 3- being for itself...
      > no
      > none of them
      > i feel being for myself something in my soul but
      > it was all over the
      > world..
      > I knew that we name "being-Diemensions" refer to
      > who understand them:
      > i know my existence so it s being for my self..
      > someone see me and
      > its my being for others..
      > who does understand this new dimension? it should
      > be someone
      > infinite! so big! all over the world..
      > God
      > Being for God
      > I slept immediately!
      > Good night ;)
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