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9651RE: [existlist] war and peace

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  • eduard
    Oct 1, 2002

      I am not understanding.

      On the one hand you are stating that, "Hostile is
      nature, hostile is wisdom herself, hostile is

      And yet on the other you mention that, "And the
      character of a nation can be judged by the way
      they manage to survive, and
      more importantly, by the way they treat the
      delicacy, fineness, and pleasant appearance of the
      female of the species."

      The two would seem to be contradictory. Hostility
      in life is represented by the abusive manner in
      which we treat others. A proper treatment of
      women is inherent in a peaceful society. Although
      we tend to think that there is progress in war
      years because of the development of military
      weapons that are later applied to civil use, the
      truth is that in times of peace there is also
      advancement which sustains a society.

      Although the word "peace" is abstract, in the same
      sense as "justice" and "freedom", the state of
      peace itself is not empty and meaningless. Rather
      it is the normal condition of man which is often
      interrupted by war.

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