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9455RE: [existlist] Re: see it happen (short)

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  • eduard
    Sep 6 4:16 AM

      << I have a little trouble with the idea that all
      possible events *exist*, and that there are
      multiple universi (?) necessarily. >>

      Yes, I have the same problem with the idea that
      there are multiple universes. It seems much to
      complex. But then it seems to provide an answer to
      the difficulty of dealing with the superposition
      of states. I suspect, however, that it has it has
      a certain attraction because it matches the
      mathematics. Actually, this whole thing is well
      beyond me and I guess I shall have to read some
      more books.

      I am now into a book, "God and the New Physics" by
      Paul Davies. What struck me whilst reading it
      last night, was the idea that the within the
      present universe, there is an inherent tendency
      for localized order out of the surrounding chaos.
      I don't have a specific quote, as this is more in
      the way of an impression I obtain in the reading.
      Although the universe, in general, tends towards
      overall chaos [high entropy], the formation of
      stars, galaxies, and life itself is towards order
      [low entropy]. I recall reading about the
      philosophical/religious outlook of the ancient
      Sumerians. In that they initiated the dualist
      idea of good and evil which I would put in terms
      of order and chaos respectively. The Egyptians
      had the same sort of outlook, with the pharaoh
      being the protector of society against chaos.
      From there one could develop a personal philosophy
      based upon our purpose as being to maintain and
      propagate order. This seems more pleasing than a
      simple purpose of propagating ourselves, as
      humans, through reproduction and such. Perhaps
      one could also look at it from an Existentialist
      viewpoint in that our choices produce ever
      increasing order. It fits as well with the idea
      that our choices are made for everyone.

      << Your perspective on Gibbon makes him sound like
      a duck.>>

      I don't understand this last comment.

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