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921Re: [existlist] neurons firing: part 2

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  • Edward Alf
    Mar 5, 2001
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      if we are aware that the brain processes information by means of chemical
      signals, how does that result in dismissing the benefits of religious life?

      a "neurosis" is a mental or emotional disorder ... that was not my meaning
      ... how do you come to the conclusion that, simply saying that the brain
      tends towards spirituality and the processing is by chemical signals,
      implies a neurosis ...

      i can see i have opened up a controversy here ...



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      > When we reduce human actions and emotions to scientific explanation we
      risk the parochial view of the 'genetic fallacy', as Freud did in his
      analysis of religion.
      > By concluding religion was symptomatic of a neurosis it became easy to
      dismiss the benefits of a religious life (though I am an atheist).
      > Regards
      > Paul
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