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919Re: [existlist] neurons firing: part 2

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  • Edward Alf
    Mar 5, 2001
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      hi again RL,

      in a sense, science has taken a dominant position ... or perhaps we should
      say that science provides words which are better understood, at least in
      western society ...

      but religion, as we perceive it in hind-sight did have its role ... it
      allowed us to survive ... i use the word "us" in the social sense, since the
      "individual" is a modern concept ... keep in mind that it was the christian
      church which, for all its wrongs, did maintain knowledge through the dark
      ages ...

      and the inquisition was not in a sense wrong ... although it was carried to
      an extreme, especially in spain ... the perpetrators thought with some
      justification that they were doing the right thing ... in that era, the
      torments that were seen as occurring to those who went to hell, were much
      worse than could be done by the inquisition ... thus it was seen as better
      to crush a foot in a vice if this resulted in repentance and avoidance of
      hell ... in this, im not condoning the inquisitions actions, but only
      pointing out that they are explainable ... they have to be looked at in
      terms of the environment at the time, rather than in what we experience
      today ...

      i do not see a world based upon only science ... which is the reason for my
      assertion that the brain is "wired for spirituality" ... regardless of what
      science may bring to our knowledge, there is still a need for something more
      ... what i see happening in the 21st century is a progressive merger of
      science and religion ... my fear is what that religion may be ... with the
      completion of the human gnome project, we are able to "design" ourselves ..
      that is we can become an active participant in our own evolution ... but
      that raises the question of where we would be headed ... who will make the
      decisions on what future humans will be like? ... will we have the sort of
      two level society as detailed in the book, "The Time Machine"? ... that of
      grotesque workers living underground and the beautiful elite on the surface
      who serve as food for the workers? ... at least the christian church
      (regardless of some of its own actions) put forth the premise of loving one
      another ...

      existentialism is one manner of interpretation ... it is based upon man and
      the idea of defining himself through his existence ... Sartre's view was
      that of an atheist ... in my journey to date, im not sure if this is really
      fulfilling of my needs for spirituality ... i would take it that this was
      true for Sartre, but is it true in the common sense of mankind in general
      ... do we need something more ...



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      > I forgot to address this part of the post in my response; I appologize.
      > >where we have run into a problem is that we might wish to
      > >force others to have the same interpretation and this leads to
      > >and burnings on the cross ...
      > Indeed, the forcing of one's interpretation on others is the ultimate
      > I hold neither religion nor science as the bearer of Truth. Inquisitions
      > burnings on the cross demonstrate the hiddeous excesses of forcing upon
      > the christian interpretation of Truth. While it would be ignorant to
      > that such things no longer happen, it would be unrealistic to believe that
      > they happen with equal consistency, on an equal scale as such in past
      > Further, such oppressive tendencies, though tragically powerful, present a
      > clear front for resistance. Now, would it be misguided to say that
      > once entirely threatened by religion, now holds the higher ground - at
      > in western society? Personally, I see christianity taking a back seat to
      > findings of this study, that survey, this finding, etc, concerning the
      > for directing one's life. The inherent dangers in a culture dominated by
      > scientific (more accurately, scientism) processes, are founded in my prior
      > post. Reducing a thinking, feeling, and vulnerable being to neurons
      > firing-and all of those other "workings" that do little for humanity, save
      > turning it into machines to further the agenda of scientism- results in
      > and misery on a level entirely different form that of the christian
      > inquisition. The oppression is invisible; that is, of course, until one
      > on the television, converses with a coworker, or connects to the internet.
      > What I hope to have related in this response, is that the criticism of
      > religion, at this point in history, is entirely too safe. While any given
      > interpretation of Truth warrants a good re-examination, it seems that the
      > motives of such examinations are, at best, shady in the hands of one
      > subscribing to a dominant interpretation.
      > regards,
      > John
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