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914neurons firing: part 2

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  • jser1692
    Mar 3, 2001
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      I forgot to address this part of the post in my response; I appologize.

      >where we have run into a problem is that we might wish to
      >force others to have the same interpretation and this leads to inquisitions
      >and burnings on the cross ...

      Indeed, the forcing of one's interpretation on others is the ultimate problem.
      I hold neither religion nor science as the bearer of Truth. Inquisitions and
      burnings on the cross demonstrate the hiddeous excesses of forcing upon others
      the christian interpretation of Truth. While it would be ignorant to believe
      that such things no longer happen, it would be unrealistic to believe that
      they happen with equal consistency, on an equal scale as such in past times.
      Further, such oppressive tendencies, though tragically powerful, present a
      clear front for resistance. Now, would it be misguided to say that science,
      once entirely threatened by religion, now holds the higher ground - at least
      in western society? Personally, I see christianity taking a back seat to the
      findings of this study, that survey, this finding, etc, concerning the means
      for directing one's life. The inherent dangers in a culture dominated by
      scientific (more accurately, scientism) processes, are founded in my prior
      post. Reducing a thinking, feeling, and vulnerable being to neurons
      firing-and all of those other "workings" that do little for humanity, save
      turning it into machines to further the agenda of scientism- results in pain
      and misery on a level entirely different form that of the christian
      inquisition. The oppression is invisible; that is, of course, until one turns
      on the television, converses with a coworker, or connects to the internet.
      What I hope to have related in this response, is that the criticism of
      religion, at this point in history, is entirely too safe. While any given
      interpretation of Truth warrants a good re-examination, it seems that the
      motives of such examinations are, at best, shady in the hands of one
      subscribing to a dominant interpretation.
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