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911Re: [existlist] Human nature

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  • Edward Alf
    Mar 2, 2001

      i think that ultimately, when you get down to it, the mind is simply a bunch
      of neurons firing away in response to sensing the outside world ... religion
      and spirituality is our way of interpretation which helps us to survive ...
      existentialism is another interpretation .. whether or not it is a good
      interpretation depends upon how well it allows us to live ... if you wished
      to think that humans came from an alien source in a some far distant galaxy
      ... and that makes things better for you ... then that is also a good
      interpretation ... where we have run into a problem is that we might wish to
      force others to have the same interpretation and this leads to inquisitions
      and burnings on the cross ...

      regards and have fun


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      > Ed~
      > "the human brain is "wired" for religion and god ... that is
      > perhaps being too specific and you may wish to say simply that one's brain
      > is inclined to spirituality"
      > This is dual argument: are we spiritual beings condensed to the physical,
      > physical beings with ethreal aspirations?
      > My life is a hazy dream, things are so beautifull but vague; there is
      > nothing for my mind to cling to, subsequently I am often bewildered by
      > others surety of thought on a subject.
      > And for those who wish to unsubscibe: do it yourself, it's not that
      > difficult. If there is little related information/discussion start one
      > yourselves or contribute.
      > Matt.
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