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9068Re: pitched with spite...

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  • elbookdoc
    Aug 6, 2002
      <<The best I can make out of your response is the,
      > "I know nothing and am famished to find out just
      > how little that really is." >>

      I was just thinking that it is obvious you would have focused on this
      as it is very important to you that others look to you as some sort
      of authority. Forgive me the psychoanalysis.

      All I meant was, I can't pretend that what I think I know is correct,
      and I think you will be able to find a god. I have no hope that a god
      would survive my questioning. Perhaps, if it is a god that is
      superior, it would appreciate the effort.

      Apparently your god could feed you all sorts of gunk and crocodiles.

      "Here," said the Great Deceiver "Swallow science." And Le 'Duard did.

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