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9058Re: for a tent pitched with spite...

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  • elbookdoc
    Aug 5, 2002
      <<Why do you even bother??
      > eduard>>

      le duard,

      Unlike ye who knows everything apriori, I know nothing and am
      famished to find out just how little that really is. I can bare my
      ignorance and act as a sponge, but every time I drop toward the water
      it evaporates and I hit the rocks. The earlier reference to a pond
      and a floating cap was no accident, as I knew my reference that you
      never would. One of the sadder moments in WC Fields' life was when a
      small child drowned in a pond of his, apparently chasing something of
      the floating sort (my imagination changed it a little). While I
      respect that man and his interests and psychosis and his sadness, he
      was a big ol' clown, with a dangerous pond. I do not like something
      about you arrogant-god-ignorant-clown, but I dislike more that it
      bothers me. And perhaps my plodding on and on at it -- at you -- is
      seeking something of discovering myself...which I'll lose once again
      when I've found it. I free fall like a sponge again and I wonder if
      your pond will be dry before I hit it. However, I think I can use it
      for one of my insanities (which unlike you I have). And perhaps then
      I can laugh and laugh at me, and later come out the other side seeing
      more of what, unlike you, I can never understand.

      hearty loser
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