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9015Re: waiting for light

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  • elbookdoc
    Aug 2, 2002
      <<otherwise the
      > discussion gets nowhere.
      > eduard>>

      OK, fuck my point. Lets go with yours:

      Where is the conversation going to get to?

      If we assume there are no differences in anyone because we
      ignore them all because it is inconvenient, then we will have
      more deaths at stop lights because red, yellow, green-- who
      gives a fuck -- hit the accelorator and drive you stupid chicken.
      The other way to go with that is nothing will happen at all
      because all the shit is so predictable that there is no reason to
      look into it...so much for mystery and interest.

      Duard, you couldn't follow a point if someone drove it to your
      skull with a jack-hammer.

      Where the hell do you think it is going to go? Are you expecting a
      rainbow end and some gold?

      I don't know a damned thing -- and I think for good reason -- but
      what I do know is that if someone finally took it all and placed it in
      some equation that worked in every situation, doubtless I'd shoot
      myself because it would be so fucking boring. No interest...no
      life. You are just some homogenous lump (philosophically) that
      looks forward to putting a foot in the grave.

      You think you know so much that there is nothing to discover...

      that makes for a lousy lover if nothing else.

      Fuck Me
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