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8988RE: [existlist] Do you think therefore you are?

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  • Eduard Alf
    Aug 1, 2002

      I agree. Most of this talk of other dimensions is
      based upon small particle theory. I think the
      last count was 11 dimensions [ I could be wrong]
      all nicely coiled up in some fashion. I don't
      discount that sort of theory, since it has no
      impact upon me personally. I might think twice
      about, however, if some scientist comes up with a
      way of moving a camel to some other dimension
      [whatever that may be].

      But then my NOOism philosophy will accept it as a
      nice fantasy, if that keeps your neurons happy ...


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      you are?

      Eduard you are really a nice guy, I mean, you
      speak in euphemism just to
      clear the air of any hostility. I respect that.
      However, a disembodied mind?
      How could anyone even discuss this idea? The mind
      is merely the brain,
      nothing more. And projecting the body into other
      dimensions? Granted, some
      theorists have incorporated a model of the
      universe in which more then 4
      dimensions exist, yet how could we ever speak
      about projecting our bodies
      into these other speculative dimensions?

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