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8984Re: [existlist] Do you think therefore you are?

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  • Tony
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Eduard you are really a nice guy, I mean, you speak in euphemism just to
      clear the air of any hostility. I respect that. However, a disembodied mind?
      How could anyone even discuss this idea? The mind is merely the brain,
      nothing more. And projecting the body into other dimensions? Granted, some
      theorists have incorporated a model of the universe in which more then 4
      dimensions exist, yet how could we ever speak about projecting our bodies
      into these other speculative dimensions?

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      > Nick,
      > << I think the pyramids were more than simply
      > tombs...Didn't the ancients use them to align the
      > stars or something? >>
      > Yes, and some say that the hole that was provided
      > for the "Ba" is orientated towards Orion. In my
      > opinion, the pyramids are just a pile of rocks. A
      > nice pile, no doubt, still just a pile. Any other
      > purpose, is just the same as Van Daniken's theory
      > that the markings on the Nazca plain in Peru were
      > to serve as landing strips for aliens.
      > << If the mind is not part of the body then how do
      > I know if I even have a soul? >>
      > You don't know. What was the last time that you
      > actually encountered your own soul?? I would
      > presume, like everyone else, you have never
      > encountered your soul. There are only two
      > possibilities. Either it is awfully good at hiding
      > or it does not exist.
      > << By my definition, the body can be projected
      > into other dimensions... >>
      > In my opinion, that is an impossibility. Granted,
      > it is a nice thought.
      > eduard
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