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  • Eduard Alf
    Aug 1, 2002
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      I saw this documentary on prehistory society in
      Europe. I think it had to do with that 5000 year
      old corpse they found in Austria. It showed this
      guy going out on a hunt. More often than not,
      they would make use of kills that were done by
      wolfs or other predators in the forest. Anyway,
      here is this guy going out to get the family meal,
      and he happens upon a stream which he dives into
      to get clams and crayfish. It made me think that
      this was not just a special stream ... clear and
      cool ... but one of any number of streams in his
      territory. This, at a time when everything was
      pristine and everything that you needed was right
      there, as long as you knew where to find it.

      It makes me think that the complexity of life in
      those days was perhaps as high or higher than we
      have today. And what is really attractive about
      it, is that if something goes wrong, you only have
      yourself or the gods to blame. And you don't have
      a landlord or the IRS on your back. It is too bad
      that we really cant return to those days of
      yesteryear ....


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      Eduard typed:

      >I wonder ...
      >Although I am not exactly conversant with
      >Neanderthals, it would seem to me that
      >"complexity" in anything depends upon what you
      >make of it. If I want something to eat, I just
      >to the grocery store. Neanderthal would [like a
      >member of First Nations in North America] would
      >through an involved routine of talking to the
      >to ensure a good hunt and would have to arm
      >himself with all the knowledge of the woods, that
      >we don't have a clue about today.


      Good point, I haven't really thought about it from
      that perspective.

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