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8967RE: [existlist] Do you think therefore you are?

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  • Eduard Alf
    Aug 1, 2002

      I don't think the mind is part of the body.
      Rather the body is an extension of the mind
      through the sensors of the body. It is sort of
      like a android, in the sense that the wiring which
      activates the arms and legs, and which returns
      sensations of touch, is of the central processor.
      But the steel and plastic of which the arms and
      legs are made of are not part of the processor.
      For the human, it may be difficult to make a
      separation. Flesh itself is so much a part of its
      sensors that it is hard tell which is which.

      Consciousness is the processing of the mind. The
      soul is that time when the neurons escape from the
      vault of the skull, as in dreaming. Nothing
      leaves the body, but instead our neurons create a
      world of their own, and escape into it. Because
      our neurons can escape and because we can at times
      remember that escape, we tend to fantasize that
      they have actually gone somewhere and thus we
      invent things like a heaven. This is facilitated
      by manner in which we view the dead. When we go
      to a funeral parlor and see the body, it begs the
      question of where the thing that previously
      animated it, in life, has gone to. This "thing"
      we associate with a "soul" and consider it to be
      an entity by itself. The Egyptians went to great
      lengths to protect the residing portion of the
      soul [the "Ba"] through mummifying the body and
      providing a shelter [pyramid] in which it could
      remain after death. But all of this is just
      fantasy ...

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