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8965RE: [existlist] Not so similar...

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jul 31 3:58 PM
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      << I would have to say, though, that the level of
      technology that we find in today's culture makes
      for a more layered or complex cultural milieu. >>

      I wonder ...

      Although I am not exactly conversant with
      Neanderthals, it would seem to me that
      "complexity" in anything depends upon what you
      make of it. If I want something to eat, I just go
      to the grocery store. Neanderthal would [like a
      member of First Nations in North America] would go
      through an involved routine of talking to the gods
      to ensure a good hunt and would have to arm
      himself with all the knowledge of the woods, that
      we don't have a clue about today.

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