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8953RE: [existlist] Not so similar...

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jul 31, 2002

      << people may go to great lengths to show the
      primitives as living a superior lifestyle. Give
      them a stick and let them squat by the fire, they
      will be back to their IBM`s in a week. >>

      Well, lets put it this way ... how much of your
      time [my time] is actually spent in culture. I
      probably spend half my waking hours in front of a
      computer. The thought occurred to me that the
      Neanderthal might spend much more time living his
      culture. Of course that is hard to qualify .. I
      mean whether my computers at home and at work are
      actually culture. But in any case, it would seem
      to me that the Neanderthal might be more
      intimately connected. I would grant that I would
      not like to go back to caveman days ... I am too
      comfortable and protected here.

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