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  • Bill Harris
    Jul 31, 2002
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      Eduard, Your comparison of the Neanderthal and yourself is a kind of value
      judgment that has a general merit. It is a way of judging if we are getting
      any better in our attempt to build a better life for ourselves. The "I can
      show ignorance with big words" people may go to great lengths to show the
      primitives as living a superior lifestyle. Give them a stick and let them
      squat by the fire, they will be back to their IBM`s in a week.
      How about a comparison of decadence in the late French monarchy and the
      late 60`s USA. Who was more defiant of the mores of his time, Marquis De
      Sade or Jim Morrison [The doors]? Who was more sexually deviant,
      psychopathic, chaotic and drug ridden. Who was the greater anarchist, who
      deviated more people? Who was the greater sociopath? Which age was more
      decadent? James Tan should have good references on this subject. bill
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      > Michael,
      > << Culture is much richer now. >>
      > I am not making an arguement out of it, but I am
      > wondering if culture is actually richer today. I
      > am sitting here pounding on the keyboard; whereas
      > Mr. Neanderthal would be dancing around a fire,
      > trying to call upon the gods to increase the
      > fertility of the tribe. I wonder whose culture is
      > richer ... but then that may only be me.
      > eduard
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