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8934RE: [existlist] Not so similar...

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  • michael mcguire
    Jul 30, 2002
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      Eduard said:

      ><< Although, both are wired the same, the
      >plasticity of the mind allows for very different
      >creatures. >>
      >Culture is like the learning phase that children
      >go through. They simply acquire new experiences,
      >but that does not make their brains any different.
      >Neanderthal man painted on cave walls, had
      >religious rituals for death, and took care of sick
      >members of the tribe. That is not much different
      >from what we do today ... we just do more of it

      Okay. I didn't mean to imply that the brains were any different
      structurally. I just wanted to mention the significance of culture so as not
      to let its importance get buried under pure biology and anatomy. I don't
      actually have an argument w/ you. Culture is much richer now. Yes, we 'do
      more of it.'


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