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  • Eduard Alf
    Jul 2, 2002
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      I don't see as that really helps me in my everyday
      life. I live in a Newtonian world for which one
      second is about the small time period I need to be
      concerned about.


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      From: Bill Harris
      Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 12:30 PM
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      Eduard, Irepeat the following abstract to show a
      further refinement in
      measurement of the electron. Heisenberd claimed
      this precision to be
      impossible because the measuring itself would
      desturb the entity measured.
      The exclusion principle does not stand up in our
      current technology.
      Sub-laser-cycle electron pulses for probing
      molecular dynamics.
      Experience shows that the ability to make
      measurements in any new time
      regime opens new areas of science . Currently,
      expermental probes for the
      attosecound time regime{10-18_ 10--15s] are being
      established. The leading
      approach is the generation of attosecound optical
      pulses by ionizing atoms
      with intense laser pulses. This nonlinear process
      leads to the production of
      high harmonics during collisions between electrons
      and the ionizing atoms.
      The underlying mechanism implies control of
      energetic electrons with
      attosecound precision. We propose the electrons
      themselves can be exploited
      for ultrafast measurements. We use a molecular
      clock based on a vibrational
      wave packet in H2+ to show that distinct bunches
      of electrons appear
      during electron-ion collisions with high current
      densities and durations of
      about 1 femtosecond{ 10-15s]. Furthermore, we use
      the molecular clock to
      study the dynamics of non-sequential double
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