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776Re: [existlist] Re: Hello everybody --Kafka's symbols

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  • Anthony Wetherington
    Jan 8, 2001
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      I agree with you comepletely. In order to, how should I say, appreciate
      'the good' one need 'experience' and 'appreciate' 'the bad' in 'life', yet,
      one msun't "commune so long with the dead, that we forget we are living"....
      My criticizm of Kafka lies in the fact that he has the 'American' or
      'Western' tendency to over-emphasize the atrocities or affronts against
      "himself" and/or "his people" i.e. the Judaistic plight. 'The oppression'
      is not centrally anti-semite. We are all 'oppressed' and in my personal
      views of existetialist philosophy, at 'odds against ourselves in Nature' in
      this thing we choose or choose not to call "Life". When we dwell on the
      one-sidedness of our "existence" it takes away from the 'essence' of our
      "being" in turn causing ourselves to be advocates of the very 'oppression'
      of which we are so concerned with eradicating and preventing future
      occurances of.

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      >Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 21:55:04 EST
      >Although Existentialism is not very symbolic itself, the literature in
      >is the catalyst for existentialism obviously needs to hold strong symbols
      >order for the reader to relate to the ideas and concepts. In terms of
      >I think his ethnicity or religion does not cloud his perceptions of human
      >existence within the context of society, but greatly defines the atrocities
      >that the mainstream public cannot percieve becuase of their clouded
      >perspective of being the dominant culture or race.
      >Just some thoughts.

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