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774Re: [existlist] Erich Fromm and existentiaslm

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  • Gareb20@aol.com
    Jan 8, 2001
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      Since the idea of Marxism and the influence of Marx was brought up in this
      text, I was wondering what all of you think about existentialism influenced
      by socialism. I for one like the idea of socialism along with the philosophy
      of Existentialism, however, socialism is a very ideological idea. We all
      know Sartre transformed into a Marxist Existentialist, however, Camus later
      denounced the communist party. But here is one idea I have, if there is
      Socialism in tact as government, then how can one improve their own
      existence, since in Socialism everyone is equal? We all know that wealth
      creates poverty and social classes prevent freedom, however, one's strive
      towards freedom and existence comes in the face of social class struggle.
      What do you all think, these are just my ideas, i'm not even sure if I
      totally agree with myself, just some random thoughts.

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