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771Re: [existlist] Re: Hello everybody --Kafka's symbols

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  • Anthony Wetherington
    Jan 8, 2001
      I haven't read much Kafka literature, though, I must agree it is full of
      symbolism.... in my opinion so full of it that the whole is comprised of
      more symbolism than anything else. Although, I can agree, to a point, that
      existentialism is a primarily symbolic form of philosophy, phsycology,
      living, there must be a tangibility. A tangibility based on objectivism.
      To understand one's existence, one must understand one's in-existence, or
      non-existence, a viewpoint which requires a certain degree of objectivism
      Kafka lacks, in my opinion, due to his faith based emotions of persecution.
      These emotions are reinforced by his religious affiliation with other
      individuals of the same faith. This in turn can cloud an individual's
      judgement, or lack thereof. However, this is an existentialist fundamental
      which must be learned to aid in one's own personal expansion of reality.
      Anyway, just my opinion, I could be wrong.....
      I welcome and await any comments or rebuttals,

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      >Subject: [existlist] Re: Hello everybody --Kafka's symbols
      >Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 17:55:06 EST
      >I haven't read metamorphisis, although I have read Kafka's The Trial. If
      >want true existentialism from Kafka read that novel and The Castle. Both
      >them are an attempt to argue that institutions such as the government
      >existence and freedom. Kafka's views come from the fact that he was a Jew
      >and faced persecution during his life. Most of his existential ideas
      >the theme of persecution and the attempt to restrict one's freedom.
      >Both novels are excellent reads.
      >Take care.
      >I didn't know Kafka was an existentialist until recently. I've read The
      >Metamorphisis.... if anyone else has, and sees some symbolism/hints @
      >existentialism, I'd love to hear it.

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