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768Re: Hello everybody --Kafka's symbols

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  • Gareb20@aol.com
    Jan 8, 2001
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      I haven't read metamorphisis, although I have read Kafka's The Trial. If you
      want true existentialism from Kafka read that novel and The Castle. Both of
      them are an attempt to argue that institutions such as the government inhibit
      existence and freedom. Kafka's views come from the fact that he was a Jew
      and faced persecution during his life. Most of his existential ideas discuss
      the theme of persecution and the attempt to restrict one's freedom.

      Both novels are excellent reads.
      Take care.

      I didn't know Kafka was an existentialist until recently. I've read The
      Metamorphisis.... if anyone else has, and sees some symbolism/hints @
      existentialism, I'd love to hear it.