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740RE: [existlist] false october

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  • Rajiv Pande
    Oct 21, 2000
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      Dear Patty,
      You said:
      "I believe religion is the human answer to an intolerance to accept that
      man's own worst enemy is himself, and to his own necessity to concieve of
      himself as trasendental, beyond this human existance."

      Would you be saying this so that you may stop inquiring into the origins of
      our existence? To put a stop to what you may feel is futile? If that is so
      it is understandable.
      Maybe you have given up, maybe you do not have the time to stop and wonder.

      Then you conclude:
      "Religion in the wide sense of the word is a defense mechanism. So what is
      it that we are so scared of losing?"

      Personally, I find that it is not so much a defense but a source of meaning.
      Let me point out that I do not belong to any religious faith and never will.
      But this does not stop me from inquiring about the meaning of life, in fact
      it gives me more freedom to wonder in a leisurely, unprejudiced way.

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