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  • Jack
    Aug 17, 2000
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      Hey all,

      Thanks for the reply Randy, its cleared up most of
      the confusion I obviously had with your thoughts.

      A few things...

      > Yes, it does imply that to you. It doesn't to me....why would
      > statement nothing is real mean that something is real?

      I see clearly now that I made a bit of a mistake in my last

      I think now that I was trying to allude to a statement that
      lives in antagonism with the statement you made. This,
      perhaps, will make more sense:

      "nothing is truly real" is the denial of,

      "something is truly real"

      Now, why did I want to say that?

      > > For people that don't get this: This is an issue of context. This
      > > discussion is about all possible realities, not simply the reality
      > > knowable by human perception.
      > >
      > >What other reality is there?
      > Never claimed there was one...simply said we can't know one way or the other.

      I think you were making these two claims:

      there are many realities
      there is a reality knowable by human perception.

      Previously, I took issue with the first, without making an
      argument. I still don't like it. But again I can't think of
      anything to say.

      Even though I realise your not saying there are other
      realities, just saying that there *could* be, but we can't
      know, is, I think tiresome. Mainly because by making that
      claim you say very little about the way things are.


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