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71Re: Even More Colours of the Rainbow

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  • Tom
    Sep 1, 1999
      CV wrote:-
      Surely the only way to identify a bad choice is to judge it against a set of absolute principles? If this is so, then you are denying my freedom of choice to believe in:
      a.. A different set of absolute principles
      b.. The non-existence of any set of absolute principles

      If you can't agree on the same goals or absolute principals then surely there's no possible constructive debate except for on the validity of those goals or absolute principles?

      Correct me if I'm over-simplyfying things here. In fact no, you can't "correct" me because that would require the application of a set of absolute principles and would be denying my freedom of choice to a different set of them! lol

      Myself....I'm starting to deliberate over the worth of sharing existential views if you fit Charles's definition of an "existentialist".

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