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6988Re: The Palestinian Right to Resist

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  • james tan
    May 1, 2002
      From: "Christopher Bobo" <cbobo@...>
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      To: "faris osman" <frovpt@...>
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      Subject: [WisdomForum] Re: The Palestinian Right to Resist
      Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 22:54:54 -0700

      Hello Faris:

      I think you should read some existentialism. You invariably describe
      Palestinians as if they had no freedom of choice and no free will.
      According to you, Arafat had no choice but to sign the Oslo Accords, the
      Palestinians have no choice but to wage war, and that they are forced to
      employ suicide bombings. What's more, they cannot be expected to be bound by
      their treaties and promises, no matter how solemnly they express them. You
      describe the Palestinians as if they are hapless victims, with no free will,
      no moral agency and no responsibility for their actions. This way of
      viewing the world is utterly alien to any Western conception of human
      beings. I have never before encountered such a complete abdication of moral
      responsibility. I believe that people have free will, that they make their
      own moral choices and that they are responsible for what they do. If you
      repudiate the basic foundations for any morality, then truly it is pointless
      to engage in a moral discussion with you.

      Similarly, if you utterly refuse to compromise, which is the essence of
      politics, then there is no point to engage in political discussion with you.
      Politics is, after all, the art of compromise.

      You seemed determined to live in a perfect world where there are no
      compromises, where you are little more than a puppet and where you have no
      responsibility for your actions. I don't think that this is such a world,
      but if that is the world you live in, I really have no power to argue
      against it. Still, it seems to me that you are headed for ruin with such
      beliefs but I am only one imperfect and limited person and you could be
      completely right and it is I who is utterly deluded about reality.

      Still, I wish you well and thank you for this debate. It has been truly
      informative for me, although it has not given me much hope for a peaceful
      and constructive future.


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      From: faris osman
      Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 3:44 AM
      To: Christopher Bobo
      Cc: Sayf Uddeen Fariis @ Terence Kenneth John Nunis; James Tan; Wisdom Forum
      Subject: Re: The Palestinian Right to Resist

      Dear Chris

      Please understand that whatever "peace" agreements signed between Arafat and
      the Israelis entail one thing - the acceptance of the Palestinians to the
      occupation of their homeland. Other unfairness have been made aware to you
      in the article I sent you earlier.

      Arafat was free not to sign it but the fact that he did was indication of
      his frustration. The Palestinian right to continue liberating their homeland
      is not a thing to be compromised. In anycase it is a mark of bias to
      castigate the Palestinians for refusing to give up their homeland.

      You argued that the Palestinians have chosen war - nay, that war was forced
      unto them. They did not "purchase" another people's lands, committed
      atrocities like massacres to force mass fleeings and then continue to
      oppress the remants of that people in order to subdue their will to fight.

      You take offense to my usage of the word "colonization" yet you have argued
      little in way of proving that the creation of Israel is not. Jews purchased
      lands you argued. Jewish biblical claims, you said. It is recognised
      internationally, you argued again. Yet what you have failed to prove is how
      these "facts" could justify the uprooting of a community with one thousand
      years of roots in order to uphold the rights of a community with only
      historical claims.

      My final words are these - if Israel wants to exist in other people's land,
      then it has no right to complain about terrorism be it suicide bombings or



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