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677Re: [existlist] the question of faith...

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  • Tom J
    Jul 24, 2000
      I haven't really got time to say much. However, since when did faith in god
      automatically equate to weakness? I know some very strong Christians.
      People die from advocating their beliefs all over the world.

      Also, many people turn to god when the going gets really tough?.....it seems
      they only believe when they feel helpless. It could be argued that they do
      not have the strength to commit to a firm belief in god and the faith that
      comes from it in every day life.

      Finally, who made personal freedom an absolute criterion through which the
      validity of actions should be judged? Does anything we do actually only
      effect us? Everything we do through choice is surely an advocacy of a
      way of behaving. The more popular a particular action or inaction becomes,
      the more prevalent and acceptable it becomes. "Passive brainwashing" if you

      I think the belief in god also requires belief in yourself and faith in your
      own abilities. Being subservient to deity doesn't necessarily negate your
      worth. In fact, many would argue that it fulfils it.

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