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665Re: [existlist] Existentialism and the necessity of God...

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  • Jared Frailey
    Jul 19, 2000
      > By living your life "the way that you
      > want others to live", you are
      > saying that were anyone in your exact situation, you
      > would want them to (i.e.
      > you believe they "should") do exactly what you
      > decide to do.

      I believe everyone has the prejudice that they are
      right, and everyone else is wrong. :-) What I was
      trying to say is that if your opinion is that
      important to you, you shouldn't try to convert someone
      to your ideas but set an example. For example, I
      consider myself to be a pacifist. I don't believe in
      the use of violence for any purpose, but I arrived at
      this opinion on my own. By practicing pacifism, I set
      an example for humanity. The difference between my
      opinion and morality is that my opinions will not be
      maintained by the use of coercive measures by society,
      government, and religion. After all, coercion is
      violence. :-) And another difference between my
      opinions and morality is that I don't view my opinions
      as something "sacred." I can always change my
      opinions, but changing morality is almost impossible
      (I'm exaggerating). In other words, I am against
      morality, but I am for personal ideals and opinions.

      >I AM saying that we
      > need to give morality a little
      > more credit than "an opinion".

      I will give you that point: Morals are opinions with a
      history. :-)

      > But who's to say it's the "right" sense of right and
      > wrong? It would just be
      > another group of people, coming up with a morality
      > for you to question.

      Is there a right one? No. And why would it be a
      group effort? I have my own personal values, and they
      should have their own. As long as the individual
      isn't harming another person's freedom, the individual
      should not be restrained by morality or laws.

      > Even the Aborigines have a sort of society,
      > government, and religion. And my big
      > question is: does society, religion, etc. determine
      > morality, or does morality
      > determine society, religion, etc.

      My guess is that morality came first. :-)

      > Go anarchy! *gg*
      > Anyways, that was my first post to the list, so nice
      > to meet you all. Can't wait
      > for more good discussions!

      Actually, I do consider myself to be an anarchist. I
      fit somewhere between an Individualist Anarchist and a
      Communist Anarchist. :-)

      Best Regards,
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