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6639RE: [existlist] Re: A Real Life Application?

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  • Eduard Alf
    Apr 7, 2002

      I am watching Meet the Press which has Colin Powell as a guest. He is
      speaking of "both" sides needing to pull back, but primarily Arafat needs to
      act in some fashion to stop the terrorism on his side. I find it
      interesting that there is mention of some $80 million of US funding to the
      Palestinian Authority, so it is not true that money is only going to Israel.

      I spoke before about the concept of "memes" which are mind viruses which
      once started can be self propagating. Look at what is now happening in the
      Islamic world. Iraq has offered an award of $25,000 to any family which
      loses a son or daughter to some suicide bombing. All this is being done to
      reemphasize and ensure continuation of the meme. A whole generation of
      youth are being indoctrinated. I recall a picture of what seemed like
      kindergarten kids holding machine guns and standing on Israeli and US flags.
      This is the work of adults, but the impact is upon the youth. The only real
      solution is to provide an anti-meme which is the creation of a Palestinian
      State. But that requires more than just a vague statement of resulting
      "normalization" of relations with Israel. Just as the Palestinians want to
      enjoy security with their own boundaries, so to does Israel. Somehow the
      Arab League has to make a clear statement of intent and that is the problem.
      Everyone is hedging their bets. They don't want to make the statement
      because they may have to live up to it.

      People are losing perspective. The focus is entirely upon Israel and
      Palestine without looking at the larger picture. The combined
      Israel/Palestine region is about 300 miles long, 85 miles in width at the
      largest point and only 40 miles at the narrowest. The whole area could
      easily fit between Toronto and Ottawa.


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      yes, and what u mentioned is disturbing, i mean the mentality of these
      palestinians kids.


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