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657Re: [existlist] Existentialism and the necessity of God...

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  • Amber Leigh Griffioen
    Jul 18, 2000
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      Jared Frailey <lostmaia@...> writes:

      > You should live your life the way that you want others
      > to live. If your opinions are right, people should be
      > drawn to them on their merits, and not because they
      > "should" or "ought" to do or think something. To me
      > morality and ethics are a way for society to say you
      > "should" do this, but you "shouldn't" do that.

      But isn't that really the POINT of morality and ethics? We speak often of a moral
      or ethical "duty", but what is that except an idea of what we feel we "should" or
      "must" do. By living your life "the way that you want others to live", you are
      saying that were anyone in your exact situation, you would want them to (i.e.
      you believe they "should") do exactly what you decide to do.

      > The ideas of morality and ethics need to be
      > demystified. A group of individuals came up with our
      > current morality, therefore it has no more meaning
      > than an opinion.

      One cannot forget the history behind our moral and ethical "system", however. (Do
      we really even have a system? Laws, religion, I guess. Anything else?) These
      "opinions" may be flawed, but they are not completely devoid of merit. One could
      say "you've come a long way, baby" since the days of slavery. I would also arge
      that we have a long way to go. (Down with capital punishment!) I'm not saying,
      we give in and "go with the flow". I mean, just look at what the "Mitmachen" did
      to Germany in the 30s & 40s. I AM saying that we need to give morality a little
      more credit than "an opinion".

      > If left to their own devices, the
      > uneducated would most likely develop a sense of right
      > and wrong.

      But who's to say it's the "right" sense of right and wrong? It would just be
      another group of people, coming up with a morality for you to question.

      > Remove the brainwashing of man by society,
      > government, and religion, and you will have a new
      > species of man able to decide what is "right" for
      > himself, and what is "wrong."

      Even the Aborigines have a sort of society, government, and religion. And my big
      question is: does society, religion, etc. determine morality, or does morality
      determine society, religion, etc. This has always made for interesting
      discussion. Kind of a "Did Adam have a navel?" or "Which cam first, the chicken
      or the egg?" question.

      > You may laugh at the notion of brainwashing, but as a
      > child I never questioned the ideas of patriotism,
      > marriage, government, capitalism, war, prisons, etc...
      > Once I realized that the sources of my information
      > were biased, I developed my open opinions. I see a
      > society without gods, religions, and governments as a
      > society with man thinking for himself.

      Go anarchy! *gg*

      Anyways, that was my first post to the list, so nice to meet you all. Can't wait
      for more good discussions!

      Bis dann,


      * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      "I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an
      independent will, which I now exert to leave you." -Jane Eyre
      * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Amber Griffioen
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