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651the necessity of religion...

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  • Ray Zur
    Jul 17, 2000
      If human beings are incapable of discerning between right and wrong without
      the instruction of a religious deity, what does that say about the state of
      affairs in today's society? I think teaching morality does not mean
      teaching religion. Human beings, as an intelligent species, are capable of
      distinguishing right from wrong. Those that do wrong almost always choose
      to do wrong. However, what is wrong? I could say that sleeping with
      someone merely to pleasure myself and the other person is fine because no
      one gets hurt and both people enjoy it, but it is wrong according to most
      religions. So, morality, not ethics, are not influenced by natural human
      behavior, but rather the prevalent religion in the area. Therefore, good
      and bad are merely a reflection of the religious beliefs of the person
      discerning between the two. So, if someone is capable of discerning between
      right and wrong on their own, and they lead an essentialy good life, is God
      (assuming there is a God, I'm agnostic) necessary in the daily life of this
      person? I would think not as religion teaches values and morality and if
      someone already posesses these then religion is not necessary, making God
      not necessary...comments and complaints accepted!
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