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643Re: [existlist] Digest Number 155

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  • Randy Zeitman
    Jun 3, 2000
      >Operating priciples are the purpose, the only meaning that can be.
      >The cow probably doesn't know it needs an enzyme, as it being an
      >enzyme, but it knows it needs to eat and somehow it is digested. I
      >can voluntarily breathe, or i can go to my boring job and lose sight
      >that i am breathing. what i'd like is to know i only have to
      >breathe. And there is nothing to stress about that i am a man. it
      >is all as it can happen? and does. i think so.

      I don't beleive cows know they need to eat or that they have know the
      concept of digestion.

      There is nothing to stress about that you are a man, yet there
      certainly can be if being a man means certainly obligations and

      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."

      "I'm gotten so out of shape sittin' at the computer all day that I
      get out of breath when I have to reach for the percent key!"

      - Zeitman