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629Re: [existlist] Camus

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  • roy
    Apr 3, 1999
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      Hello victoria,
      I wonder, do you think that if an Enzyme in a cows digestion system knew
      it's helping him digest weeds it would give a meaning to it's life? or
      would he think to which operating principles does the cow belong to and
      weather she has her meaning as well? and so on....
      Even if we had the tools to know the larger picture of our surroundings and
      the physical rules by which they work, the question would still stand
      regarding the larger picture, wouldn't it? As long as that is the way the
      question is phrased...

      At 20:52 2000-04-03 +0000, you wrote:
      >I am currently reading "The Myth of Sisysphus" by Camus and I am
      >having a great deal of pleasure in doing it...However, I would like
      >to place the following question for this group:
      >I think that human life, belongs like any other form of life, to a
      >global ecosystem and we may even extend it to the whole physical
      >universe. So if this is indeed the case, does the universe contain
      >some operating principles from which we may derive some values by
      >which we may judge whether life has a meaning?
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