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625Re: Digest Number 146

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  • Randy Zeitman
    Feb 23, 2000
      >Interested in topics such as philosophy, God, and the process of
      >Please check out this list:
      >It's a "forum-community" focused on the above topics and others that
      >might arise. So far the members are mostly of the Evangelical (i.e.
      >theologically-conservative) Christian persuasion, other than myself
      >and a few others... it seems we can use more diversity. Hence my
      >invitation to you.
      >Please take a look... http://onelist.com/group/f-c
      >Thanks! I welcome your participation.
      >George Kao
      >moderator of f-c@onelist.com

      Here's the description from George's list:

      "Each of us has experienced reality in part. This forum-community
      (f-c) is an experiment in dialogue amongst people who yearn to know
      the larger Truth but believe different & often competing ideas. In
      every way we are a learning community. It is an "experiment in
      dialogue" because despite the seemingly non-complementary worldviews,
      we are constantly learning how to seek dialogue rather than debate,
      to seek to understand rather than to judge, to practice peace rather
      than division (our three core values). Anyone who resonates with
      these values is welcome to join. No commitment is required."

      Sounds good!

      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."
      - Zeitman