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  • greg goodwin
    Mar 1, 2002
      Greetings all, sorry for butting in at the moment,
      especially since I've been quiet for sooooooo long.
      Angelic Y, without magic or at least the possibility
      for pressence of magic life would/is a woeful
      existence. Without the 'magical insight' posessed by
      so few, we possibly could still be living in caves and
      dragging our women around by the hair (ok so this
      might not be so bad). Magic is forsight that something
      is posssible and only a true magician can make it
      happen, AG, I salute you and your dreams.
      --- "Yulian K. Gaard" <ccc61261@...>
      > Dear Bill, Dear All ...
      > Bill Wrote;
      > "Yulian, You need a vacation with Project 7 in
      > flathead county Mont. Bill"
      > I'll need to ask, what is that ?? A vacation would
      > be great, especially if it'd be a vacation that
      > could help me find financial aid to study in the
      > USA.
      > Blessings
      > Yulian
      > Respectfully submitted.
      > " Magic is a way of life. "

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