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6223Sv: [existlist] Success Spell

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  • Yulian K. Gaard
    Mar 1, 2002
      Dear All, Dear James and Joel,

      James wrote;
      "[...] green and blue candle, and some rites, and then u have a influence on success. . any experiments and research to demonstrate that such manipulation will have a effect on reality? [...]"

      I didnt plan on giving you any scientific proofs, but I will give you just one thing to look into, though it covers very little; "Fake Pills" Beliefs and Faith is a key.

      Now, I wish for you to go the other way - proove me wrong, that there is no holistic connection in the multiverse. That your mind and beliefs have no effects on what happens in the world. And no, I wont take that you've walked back and forth between candles till your head turned blue for a proof - you got exactly what you expected and had your mind filled with while doing that, and that was not the focus of your entire mind upon sucess and the belief that you'd archieve it.

      Joel wrote;
      "Fall for it and you fall for the trappings, which, of course, are for sale. And guess who's selling."

      Please look at the open letter to RavenWolf. There you have your perfect example of someone exploiting religion. As for it being a cult; you can probably find alot of cults who practice some of the same techniques.


      Ps. Silver RavenWolf is a famous pagan Author, one of those who about half call an expert and wonderful, the rest call her watering down and exploiting.

      An Open Letter to Silver Ravenwolf
      It's never easy to walk my spiritual path out in the real world; in fact it can be downright hazardous at times. A girl can step in a lot of dung while out walking, making boots necessary footwear these days. What never ceases to amaze me are the cow patties left in the middle of the road by other Pagans.

      The latest road hazard comes from a well known Pagan writer with at least 14 published books to her credit, an elder in her tradition and someone who should know better. Silver RavenWolf has announced plans to market what she is calling a "Teen Witch Kit"

      I have a lot of gripes with this, some of which come under personal standards and therefore won't be explored in depth here. Like the fact that every teenage girl in America is not wearing belly shirts like all of Silver's teen girl representatives appear to be. Even so, since I refuse to apply for membership to the fashion police we shall move on to the bigger issues here.

      Let's begin by stating my own standards on certain things. I do not expect everyone to agree with my standards, but I do want to be clear before going further. I do not endorse the teaching of minors without full parental knowledge and consent, which consent may be withdrawn by those parents at any time. My reasons are more fully explained in my Minors and Paganism Editorial but to reiterate succinctly, it comes down to respect. I have this little thing about respecting the rights of other parents, especially as I insist my parental rights be respected. Notice that two-way street thing going on, a little "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" philosophy if you will. The freedom to raise my children Pagan is very precious to me, a right won by those who have gone before me. It becomes a matter of honor to defend that right for other parents of other faiths, including those who hold a dim view of me and mine.

      Silver, your work has been taking a disturbing turn lately, edging more and more towards targeting minors. The "Teen Witch Kit" cannot possibly be categorized as anything but a blatant sellout, not only of the Pagan community but also of your own spirituality. Let's be honest here, your target market group does not consist of Pagan teenagers. Children raised Pagan aren't the least bit tempted by this latest offering. Their parents give them all the tools they think they can handle at the proper time. This is an important point you know. You are selling blind, never knowing if the kid who buys your kit is truly ready to utilize magick in a proper and responsible way. Any kid with babysitting money and a ride down to the local bookstore can get their hands on this. If you believe that magick works, and I'm going to assume that you do, how do you justify handing the magickal equivalent of a loaded gun to a 13 year old when you have no idea if they have had the experience and maturity to handle it properly? I have a 13 year old daughter and I showed her your press release and slick promo ad. She knows you are a Witch who has published 14 books, and read your bio. This is what she said in response to the question, "Do you think this is ok for the kids in your grade at your school?"

      "If you give this to the kids I go to school with, there will be a few mature ones who could learn to understand the responsibility involved, but most kids will abuse it. I can see kids using this to their own advantage, without any consideration or respect for other kids. I see a lot of irresponsibility and disrespect in my peers, in homework, friendships and their attitude to teachers and other grownups." Upon further pondering she added, "A lot of them wouldn't understand it because they don't have any background or information about magick or Paganism. About half the kids would be willing to try it anyway and if it did work they would abuse it to the point that basically everyone around them would be under some kind of spell, and a lot of it wouldn't be nice." I asked her what percentage she felt might be responsible with something like this; she felt an honest assessment was around 2%. She also pointed out that the kit shouldn't have the word "Witch" on the cover since it really was about magick and had nothing to do with religion.

      Her last point happens to be a very good one. Nothing in the kit bears any resemblance to anything spiritual. It is a toolbox designed to get a kid whatever he or she wants, and assumes that any child that this slick marketing plan reaches will be able to handle the responsibility and temptation to go further then they should. Had you titled it the "Teen Magician Kit" perhaps it would more accurately reflect the contents. The word Witch denotes a spiritual path that may or may not include the use of magick. However, as is often said by those who term themselves Witches, the use of magick does not make one a Witch.

      Another aspect of all this, and probably what has so many people I know up in arms, is your attitude towards all of this. I took a short cruise by your website Silver, (www.silverravenwolf.com) Under new releases, down at the bottom of one page, I found the following:

      "Call 1-800-THE MOON to place your order, or bug, bother and pester your neighborhood book store till they can't stand it anymore. Oh, and for the adults that don't like this statement? Maybe you don't care about their future, but I do."

      You take an awful lot upon yourself Silver RavenWolf. First you urge kids to make pests of themselves in pursuit of your products, and then you state outright that anyone who disagrees with the "Be a brat to get what you want" approach just doesn't care about kids. Is this the "New Generation of Witches" you plan on bringing along? Are you really encouraging kids to harass storeowners in pursuit of your products? If you are saying it's ok to harass storeowners, why isn't it ok to cast a spell to have the storeowner give that product to a kid for free? I have to ask these questions, Silver, because your words and actions make drawing distinctions very difficult for those of us with a clear moral code and the knowledge of how to interact with others. I would have very little sympathy for any adult who pitched a fit in a bookstore simply because your product wasn't instantly available for them to purchase. I see no reason to hold a teenager to a different standard. After all, I respect teens and believe they are capable of waiting for what they want, and earning it.

      You are not exempt from answering for your words and actions Silver. What you do with just that one line, backed up by your "Teen Witch Kit" is to literally hand wood to those who oppose Pagan spiritual paths and help them strike a match to light the fire. Are you so blinded by profits that you fail to see the reaction of Christian parents reading that one line?

      As if that were not enough, you go on to make a preemptive strike against anyone who might disagree with your actions here. The fact that you posted those words leads me to believe that at some level you were fully aware of what the reaction of the Pagan community would be to this particular product. Your decision to go ahead in spite of your own inner voice leads me to wonder if the Goddess herself has to tap you on the shoulder to get you to listen to the discord you've sown in the Pagan community with all this.

      What insight that you alone appear to possess makes you think you have the right to make such sweeping assumptions about adults who read your words and choose to disagree with you? I don't like your statement Silver, but don't you dare assume or believe that means I don't care about kids. I do care. I care enough to say no to a kid, and that is the hardest thing for a caring adult to do. I care enough to be honest with them and tell them that working spells and magick is not how one solves problems. I care enough to point out that at 13 years old they might not quite be ready to find the one true love of their life. Just a small request from me, in the future feel free to exclude me from these sweeping generalizations about others that you believe are yours to make. Please be sure to list me by name and affiliation.

      This website is a business, in addition to hosting free access message boards. We sell tools and accompaniments, some of which are indeed items that can be used in magick and ritual. We do not sell tools to those under the age of 18. You see Silver, here at Triplemoon, we do believe in magick, although unlike some we are able to draw a distinction between our spirituality and the business we run. Despite our obvious interest in making a living, we have always prominently and publicly stated that nothing of what we sell is necessary to ritual, working magick or connecting with the divine.

      In fact, you'll find many items of interest in our online catalog. The range is, we think, wide and varied, and includes many items that really have little to do with Paganism, but have been requested repeatedly over the years by visitors to the point where we now stock them. One thing that won't be found here anymore are your products Silver. This was not an easy business decision to make. I won't argue with anyone that your products sell, and from a business standpoint it was a poor decision. But from a moral standpoint, it's a very comfortable one to live with. Not every product you market is morally objectionable, and there is a valid consideration from a business view of keeping those items that aren't. But this isn't solely about the Teen Witch Kit. It's also about what appears to us to be your goal of targeting teens, especially those of other faiths. It's about how Pagans would feel if a prominent Christian writer targeted our children to teach them things that we might find objectionable. It's about you telling teens it's ok to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want. It's about giving back the respect to others that we keep demanding for ourselves.

      You live by the law of returns, by your own choice. If you feel negativity swirling about you, it is only what you have stirred up. The wind blowing cold through your door is the lack of warmth and connection to community that was lost somewhere in your ambitions. As you shut your heart and mind to the cries rising around you from the Pagan community, when so many of your peers believe you are making a mistake, your flat out refusal to even consider their point of view does not speak well to one who would claim the sacred mantle of spiritual teacher. A teacher leads by example and the best ones listen much more then they speak.

      Are you listening Silver?

      Respectfully submitted.

      " Magic is a way of life. "

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